SigTuple builds intelligent screening solutions to aid diagnosis through AI-powered analysis of visual medical data.

How SigTuple helps


Manthana was created, from ground-up, to be a continuously improving, automatically upgrading platform which enables digitisation, management and analysis of visual medical data. We aim at training various kinds of AI models on it, and wish to provide an insightful and interactive report to medical specialists.

Management & Discovery

 Ingestion, management and smart search on various kinds of medical visual data from multiple partners.

Processing & Analysing

Processing and analysing the visual data using varied computer vision and artificial intelligence techniques.

Native AI Support

All types of AI techniques are supported – statistical, machine learning and the recent advancements in deep learning space.

Annotation & Verification

Annotation of all unlabelled visual data and verification/correction of output predictions of various models by medical consultants.

Continuous Learning

Retraining of AI models with incremental corrections and additions to improve their performance.

Insightful Analysis

Analysing unseen medical images by invocation of one or many AI models on them and providing an insightful and interactive report to the doctor.



We dramatically improve speed, accuracy and consistency of a number of screening processes. Medical institutions can now serve more patients, with a significant reduction in human errors. Patients can now be more confident in the quality of healthcare delivery.



With a note-worthy technology invention that is changing the medical course in India, we have various publications in several medical and computing journals, documenting the significant impact the technology has on the medical industry. SigTuple also has filed for several patents in order to protect our technology.



A massive growth in the potential market for our technology has had the founders of Flipkart, venture capital giant Accel Partners, and other investors join us in our journey.


Advisors are the building blocks of the company and prove to be the strategic partners of SigTuple. Well known intellectuals belonging to industries, like Biotech, Healthcare, Law and Ethics, Clinical Planning, and Drug Development have joined hands with SigTuple to offer their best guidance.



Funding disruptive AI & ML Startups : CNBC TV 18 covers pi Ventures

pi Ventures

CNBC TV18’s Young Turks explores the thesis behind pi Ventures’s Investments and how two portfolio AI startups Niramai & Sigtuple are changing the healthcare space through disruptive use of AI.

30 Oct 2017
Nvidia identifies the top 5 AI startups for social impact


With so many deadly diseases out there, you need a lot of medical tests. SigTuple, an Indian startup, wants to use AI to dramatically improve the speed, accuracy, and consistency of various screening processes. It wants to enable doctors to serve more patients, with fewer errors. And it wants to give patients more confidence in the medical system.

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23 Apr 2017
Not another AI post

Tech Crunch

Rohit Kumar Pandey, Tathagato Rai Dastidar and Apurv Anand want to solve the problem caused by the chronic shortage of trained medical practitioners. They are part of the team that founded SigTuple, an Indian startup that is building a platform to provide healthcare solutions by detecting different diseases using machine learning software. It promises to automatically analyze medical images and data to aid diagnosis.

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26 Feb 2017
How real is the Artificial Intelligence startup wave?

Economic Times

There is a growing gap between the number of patients and doctors across the world,” says Pandey. “Although a lot of work is being done to bridge the gap, there is a need for an intelligent, effective and scalable solution.” SigTuple is building a series of cloud-based screening tools to increase the efficiency and outreach of the healthcare industry.

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03 July 2016



Come join hands with SigTuple if you’re creative, innovative, and passionate about making our world a healthier place.


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