SigTuple is a health-tech organisation that is transforming quality healthcare delivery in India, by spearheading a diagnostic revolution with multidisciplinary innovation. We build intelligent screening solutions to aid diagnosis through AI-powered analysis of visual medical data with a robust EN/ISO 13485:2016 certified Quality Management System in place.

Our Journey

Our sustained efforts towards ushering in standardisation, scalability and reliability in diagnostics is the base of our contribution towards Indian Healthcare System. Every milestone marked represents how we took on each challenge in healthcare, to make our innovation, truly multidimensional.

Our Team

Leadership Team

SigTuple stands as one of the earliest forerunners of the AI revolution in Indian healthcare. We, together, lay the milestones for SigTuple’s innovation, that takes every real challenge in healthcare, head-on.

Tathagato Rai Dastidar
Founder & CEO

Ashes Ganguly

Amit Mangal

Pranat Bhadani
President,Business Growth & Strategy

Dr. Renu Ethirajan
Chief Medical Evangelist

Board Members

SigTuple’s success is grounded in active collaboration with industry leaders and stakeholders of the Indian healthcare ecosystem.

Barath Shankar Subramanian
Partner, Accel

Ranjith Menon
Partner, Chiratae Ventures

Dr. Ramesh Byrapaneni
Partners, Endiya Partners


Organisations led by eminent leaders share and support our vision to spearhead the futuristic healthcare revolution, with multidisciplinary innovation.


Organisations around the world have put together the perfect launch pad for SigTuple, catalysing our efforts towards innovation for accurate, accessible and affordable healthcare.