SigTuple AI100 with Sharav Analyser is an automated urine slide analyzer intended for in-vitro diagnostic use in pathology laboratories. The Shrava Analyser is built to Reduce the burden on the lab to have a clinical pathologist co-located and also removes the need & the cost to maintain the urine sample for longer hours.


The urine slide can be digitised on SigTuple AI100 by any trained laboratory personnel. The analyser is a system for morphological analysis of urine sediment and the report generated after automatic analysis is meant for review by a pathologist. It provides morphological analysis and can be augmented with existing dipstick machines to provide a functionality of a comprehensive urine microscopy and routine report.


• Morphological analysis of urine sediment.
• Evidence based analysis of all cells types of urine routine examination.
• Volumetric quantification of RBCs, WBCs and Bacteria.
• Flags casts, crystals, epithelial cells and yeasts.
• Error free sample preparation and error when used with its microfluidics cartridge
• Can be augmented with a dipstick report.

Regulatory Approvals

  • DCGI/CDSCO (India) Certified
  • 2 successful clinical validations

*Performance metrics available on request.