Before your dreams begin to fly, it's time to check if you buckled it right


Today’s a big day for us. Its confirmed that we’ve made it to the fourth batch of Google’s Launchpad accelerator for start-ups.

The latest class of Launchpad has start-ups from across Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America, including six from India. These companies will work closely with Google for six months. They get equity-free support, access to Google engineers, resources, and mentors, and two weeks of all-expense-paid training at Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California.

In short, it’s a dream come true with a potential to make the many other dreams we’ve had at SigTuple fly.

However, a little more than a year back when we were less than a 5-member team, all we had was just a dream. The dream was to make a difference and then there was our blood and sweat.

And so the magic of the right idea of AI driven screening solutions for healthcare, the right time and the right support in terms of validation of idea from the medical community happened and here we are one amongst 33 start-ups of the world, all set for the next phase.

But then the idea of this blog is to share a few things which helped us in the journey and most probably it can help you too.

Take you stakes and stick to them – When we started applying AI on healthcare, the digitization of data to produce meaningful results was a faraway dream. The challenges spanned from the robotics part, hardware usability part to building a metric driven platform to compute results. In short it was not just AI but multiple other items, but at the end we did what was needed to get us there.

You’ve got to be ready – When we were approached in our GTC booth, the dates for the July Launchpad application were over. Given our potential we were offered an extended deadline and we did avail it. Remember that you would never know when the next opportunity is going to knock, and when it does, you won’t have time and luxury to shape up. The best bet here is to be ready.

Realize your shortcomings beforehand – When its new networks and potential new market access at stake, you need to realize the potential shortcomings before you hit the market. Once again in these cases if you aren’t prepared the ability to make a comeback dwindles enormously.

The zeal to make it happen – On any given day, ask one of our SigTupler as to how their day was and the answer you’ll get is “unbelievable”. And yes, it’s true, the infectious energy of the team and the mindset of taking on challenges irrespective of their magnitude has probably brought us here today. The ask no doubt is huge, but then so is the satisfaction.

Its elation and jitters both for us. The expectations are raised and the stage is set and like everyone else we too do not know what the future holds, but then one thing that we are sure of is imbibing the most from this veritable treasure trove of insights and experience for the participating start-ups and mentors at Google and the believe to make it happen!!!



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