नींव {(Neev)} - The Foundation


At SigTuple, its a commitment we have made to ourselves…and that is to nurture talent . Most importantly, we feel it shouldn’t be just within the organization. We believe that any organization doesn’t matter how mighty it is, can survive for long unless it makes an investment in the success of its people.

SigTuple is committed to make that investment in people and for that we will do whatever it takes to excel, irrespective of what the challenges may be.

We have embarked on a journey to build a few compelling AI Engineer .

In this journey we shall transform some potential folks with no relevant exposure into AI Engineers. AI Engineers who will be  crème de la crème . Presenting Neev – Our structured approach where we shall groom potential talent and make them into strong AI Engineers

This will be a 4 month course where you will have access to our knowledge, resources and most importantly attention. If you feel you have in you and would like to be a part of this journey and are willing to do what it takes then let’s talk.

Answer a few questions here and we shall get back to you.

Image Credits: Courtesy Plumbers